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Society is the norm, and when you think out the norm, cheap

Society is the norm, and when you think out the norm, cheap

A ‘great bump’ of historic proportions

cheap nike shoes BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. “It’s another of our great bumps,” is how Charles Gray, director of the Hancock County Historical Society, describes Hurricane Katrina’s horrific impact on Bay cheap adidas St. Louis, Waveland and the surrounding Mississippi Gulf Coast. cheap nike shoes

cheap jordans from china cheap Air max shoes “Bump” though it may turn out to be, Katrina dealt a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast’s rich architectural history, and much of Gray’s time is now devoted photographically documenting cheap air jordan the losses among the 576 homes in Hancock County that were on the National Registry of Historical Places prior to Katrina. To do that, he often has to turn to landmarks in order to identify the slabs of concrete where the grand homes once stood. cheap jordans from china

cheap air jordan He is being assisted in the effort by fewer than a dozen members of the Hancock County Historical Society, which before Katrina had 1,018 members and was one of the largest civic institutions along the Gulf Coast. cheap air jordan

cheap yeezys “Our job is to fill in the records that were kept over the last cheap yeezys 25 years, particularly the National Registry houses, but also the other beautiful ones not on the registry,” Gray cheap jordans free shipping says. “Our project is to document the demise of these magnificent homes and, possibly, the families along with them.” cheap yeezys

Cheap jordans As the effort moves forward, cheap air force the full extent of the loss of the area’s historic treasures becomes clearer. Cheap jordans

cheap jordans china “Everything you see here is just about gone,” he says, gesturing toward a wall of the society’s offices in a small house behind the courthouse, which is covered with more than 100 photographs of historic buildings. “Everything.” cheap jordans china

cheap jordans shoes Gray, a former New Orleans restaurateur with a rich, melodic voice, isn’t approaching the project as an observer. He is one of the thousands of Gulf Coast residents who lost a home to the storm. He now lives on its slab in a FEMA trailer differentiated from those of his neighbors only by the silver Rolls Royce parked in front. cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordan sneakers In his case, the loss of his home was made worse by his family’s deep roots in the area and his passion for history. Gray’s great great great great great grandfather was one of the original surveyors of the Mississippi Territory and a signatory of the Mississippi Constitution in 1817, the year the territory was granted statehood, and cheap jordans online a great many family treasures were stolen by Katrina. The storm also snatched treasured antiques and artworks, including a painting by 17th Century Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn and furniture dating back to the reign of Louis XVI (1774 92). cheap jordan sneakers

cheap jordans in china While he clings to the historian’s view of Katrina as a “great bump” for the region and sees “great prospects” for Bay St. history. cheap jordans in china

cheap air force “Everything will be nice and new, but everything will be a reproduction of what we once had, which will not necessarily please me as a historian,” he says. “But that’s the way it goes.” cheap air force

cheap jordans for sale “As long as it has that ambience,” Gray says, his voice trailing off as he gazes ruefully out a window. cheap jordans for sale

cheap jordans on sale I was laughing at Mr. Charles Gray, he cheap jordans sale is a man after my own heart, still keeping his chin up and handling some of lives problems. I am glad that he didn lose any of his loved ones. I am still planning on retiring on the Mississippi Coast and enjoy the golden years. I learned that houses and antiques can be replaced with a lot of effort. Family heirlooms will live on in your heart and mind. I an truly sadden by the lost of so many lives, and yes I would cheap jordans for sale of been one of the homeowners staying at my home. I just wish the federal government and the insurance companies would be fair in their settlement. I cheap jordans in china wish Dickie Scruggs the best of luck in court for some many of the screwed homeowners. I am headed down that way for spring break, and hope to be staying at the Best Western (allow dogs and she is ninteen years old)and looking around for a nice lot to build on later on in a few years. I pray for the many who lost so much, and their loved ones, that is what matters. Marc cheap jordans on sale

cheap adidas My heart is sadden for the pople of the Gulf Coast, I was born and raised in Mississippi in a little town call Utica. My family now live in Lousiana but thank God they are one of the blessed ones, They had a litttle dammage. I made a commet early in reguards to all the comments being made about what the people should do. I now live in Virginia where we have been blessed, we have had stroms, ice and water but not like in the Gulf Coast. May God bless all of those cheap adidas

that have lost lovce ones and homes. Just keep your heads up. there is a bright side some where. God Bless you all, I will keep you in my prayers. Although you cannot compare the two losses, Ambrose would say that we can look to the past in order to secure our future. We may not have the same items, but this time around, cheap nike shoes we have a unique opportunity to be able to make our coast better than it was before (and it was pretty nice) and hopefully this time, more hurricane resistant. my heart goes out to Mr. Gray, he has two hard jobs ahead of him: rebuild his home life; and rebuild the historial society of Hancock County. May God bless you in your journey ahead.

cheap jordans free shipping Just angry about how the person in New Orleans and gulf of Mississippi is treated. Katrina victims lost their home and lively hood, and need help. There are other who write, how that shouldn’t ask for help, it their fault, that they lost their home. Our government won’t help Katrina victim. What if it was me are you in this situation, and get treated like the victim in Katrina. Sleeping in a tent on the cold ground or a weak trailer, having no money and food, have to depend on the government. But get reticule, for the so call help you get from your government, but we as American is willing to send billion of dollars to other country, to help them out. This so disappointed to me. I don’t feel that I’m American. Even though I’m the 9th generations in this country. Society is the norm, and when you think out the norm, cheap jordans sale or not living like the norm want you to be, society will turn on you. In a heart beat. cheap jordans free shipping

cheap jordans sale See what I mean? People like john is what this society is build cheap jordans china on. Always cheap jordans from china judging others and never see their faults. John, tell me have you been perfect all your life. You done everything by the law, live by the golden rules. Before you point a finger at anyone else look at yourself first. Can I ask you a question? Who started welfare? Who made it so impossible for a person to get on welfare? Who ideal was it to make it easy for a person to get on welfare? Before you get angry at the people that on welfare? Ask your government why it is so easy for some people to do welfare fraud. And why does he let them get away with it. (Oh by the way I work and pay my taxes) cheap jordans sale

cheap Air max shoes How quickly we forget! I think I remember a cute real estate gal, nicely dressed in Cheap jordans blue, standing next to her white Jaguar, living in her gutted home, surrounded by rubble, trying to make a living for herself. I never heard such a uproar of ridicule and resentment about her. I have alot of respect for her. I have just as much respect for Mr. Gray, www.superonsalemall.com cheap jordan sneakers his blue shirt, his silver Rolls Royce, his FEMA trailer, and his rubbled surroundings. But I sure don hear (or read) any ridicule or resentment towards him. What the difference? Please don start with the “It how they make their money” thing. We all heard that enough already. I just love gutsy, hard working, positive, forward looking people like these two. My best to all in the region! cheap Air max shoes

cheap jordans online Hey Mary, get a grip. and the gulf coast area that sit on their duff and collect $$ from the government. It just so sad that somehow the media always seems to find them, interview them and in return the rest of us (who go to work everyday) have to live with the stigma that we too are lazy and ignorant, simply because we happen to live in this region. So, if you do work and you are not milking the system, what are your painties all in a wad about?? Somewhere you and your lamb are carrying some festering guilt about something cheap jordans online.

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